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August 22, 2006

Where Are All the Hurricanes?

Posted by Dave Blount at August 22, 2006 8:29 AM

Look for Al Gore and his Chicken Little acolytes to find something to fret about other than hurricanes this year. As you'll recall, last year a bad hurricane season highlighted by Katrina and Rita had the global warming herd stampeding to the conclusion that Bush's nefarious refusal to regulate SUVs out of existence was going to cause the world to blow away in a storm. But despite our government not having gone insane and signed the absurd Kyoto protocol, this year's Atlantic storm season is below normal.

Average at this point in the season is 1.5 hurricanes. So far in 2006 we're holding steady at none.

The reason we haven't had a hurricane is that sea surface temperatures have been cooler than average. Globally averaged temperatures in the upper ocean have cooled dramatically since 2003, countering 20% of the global warming occurring over the previous 48 years.

Proving that humans are causing global warming would be very hard. Proving that economy-ruining regulations would prevent it would be even harder. Proving that we are on the brink of a climatic catastrophe as Al Gore has been screeching so profitably would be impossible. Even proving that global warming is a problem is no cinch.

On the bright side for liberals, some glaciers continue to recede — as they have been doing since the 19th Century. Unfortunately, these are countered to some extent by "galloping glaciers," which grow by up to 50 meters per day; there are almost four times as many of these as were previously estimated.