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August 11, 2006

Al Gore, Enemy of the Environment

Al Gore has done a nice job of riding his environmental alarmist hobbyhorse back into the limelight. But despite his strident declamations exhorting us to embrace a "carbon-neutral lifestyle" because "humanity is sitting on a ticking time bomb" and "we have just 10 years to avert a major catastrophe that could send our entire planet into a tailspin," Gore doesn't seem to be much of an environmentalist himself.

Maybe a moonbat would buy the excuse that flying around in a private jet to promote his global warming propaganda film "An Inconvenient Truth" is offset by using "renewable energy credits" (comparable to the medieval practice of purchasing indulgences from the church; in Gore's case, they're paid for by the movie's distributor). But how does this lecturer on the evils of excessive consumption explain owning three homes, one a 10,000-sq-ft monstrosity with eight bathrooms?

How will the Jimmy Swaggart of tree-hugging puritanism make us understand his unwillingness to kick in 2 cents per kilowatt hour to participate in a D.C. area alternative energy program?

How does this righteous guardian of Gaia's chastity justify his family's large stock holdings in Occidental (Oxy) Petroleum, a company known for drilling where greenies don't want it to?

Maybe Prince Albert needs to buy some more eco-indulgences with the $20,000 per year in royalties he rakes in from Pasminco Zinc, which mines on his property and dumps large amounts of barium, iron, and zinc into Tennessee's Caney Fork River.

Al Gore preachifies.

On a tip from Don M.

Posted by Van Helsing at August 11, 2006 1:10 PM


Will this blog ever cease tormenting the ecologically insane? After all this time, have you yet no decency, sir?


Posted by: monsoon at August 11, 2006 2:45 PM

Oil Gore should board up his houses and live in am authentic Native American Teepee with Tipper Gore(she would drive him nuts screeching about the lack of closet space and the fact they have to do #1 and #2 in a hole behind the Teepee).

As for his oil company, Occidental, he should get together with Billionaire George Sore-ass and the Hollyweird Left then buy all the remaining shares of Occidental then shut the company down completely. Now that would be truly impressive!

At least then he would be practicing what he preaches.

Posted by: General Jack D. Ripper at August 11, 2006 3:00 PM

You forget yourself, Peasant!

The inconvenience, discomfort, and poverty that following environmentalist strictures would produce are for COMMON PEOPLE, not members of the naturally superior Liberal Intellectual Political Class, like Comrade Gore.

And to think I used to wonder why so many of the Intellectuals who backed the French Revolution ended up being liquidated in the Terror.

Posted by: C. S. P. Schofield at August 11, 2006 4:46 PM

Algore is safe in the knowledge that the MSM will never bother to fact check him or call him on his hypocracy.

Moving into fictional films is probably a good move for him. He was amazing as Willy Wonka's accountant brother on SNL...

Posted by: Mark at August 16, 2006 2:18 PM