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May 1, 2006

May Day Sponsor

Today's boycotts and demonstrations in support of Mexico's invasion of our country are brought to you in part by ANSWER (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism), a disturbing moonbat sect that along with North Korea's regime is one of the last remnants of the nightmare era of Joseph Stalin.

This cult was formed only three days after September 11, with the express purpose of undermining our response to that day's atrocities. However, it was not a new organization in 2001, but only a new branch of the Stalinist Workers World Party, which split from the Socialist Workers Party after the latter condemned the Soviet invasion of Hungary in 1957. According to Human Events, even the New York Times has acknowledged that "Some of the group's chief organizers are active in Workers World Party, a radical Socialist group with roots in the Stalin-era Soviet Union."

ANSWER is funded by the 501(c)3 group Progress Unity Fund (PUF), which shares its San Francisco address. PUF also funds the International Action Center, which is led by Ramsey Clark, the guy who has been over in Iraq defending a genocidal socialist tyrant on the grounds that the Iraqi people have no right to try their former dictator.

According to its website, what ANSWER wants regarding illegal aliens is immediate unconditional amnesty for all illegal aliens. They are of course opposed to border defence. In other words, they want the USA to voluntarily cease to exist as a sovereign nation. They're also on the record as wanting the Minutemen thrown in jail for being "vigilantes." It isn't easy to do, but ANSWER outflanks even President Bush on the left on illegal immigration.

So apparently it's quite fitting that big illegal alien rallies should be held on May Day, the traditional communist holiday. You might think that communists would oppose illegal immigration, which depresses workers' wages and undermines unions. But Lech Walesa, the labor leader who helped bring down Poland's communist dictatorship, could explain the depth of the communist commitment to unions. The objective is to impose totalitarian control after destroying democratic governments. Everything else is window dressing.

Professional ANSWER protester in Che Guevara shirt at March 25 L.A. illegal alien rally.

Posted by Van Helsing at May 1, 2006 1:38 PM