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March 2, 2006

Moonbat Teacher Nailed

Posted by Dave Blount at March 2, 2006 12:29 PM

Congratulations to Sean Allen, a Colorado high school student who fought back against the obnoxious leftist brainwashing that has become disturbingly characteristic of our educational system. Using an MP3 player, he recorded 20 minutes of a geography class taught by Jay Bennish, one of many left-leaning teachers who has used his position to impose depraved political views on a captive audience of impressionable minds.

Normally the heavily left-leaning education establishment takes care of its own. But this time the public is involved. School Superintendent Monte Moses received his copy of the recording Allen made from KOA-AM radio host Mike Rosen.

As they say, daylight is the best antiseptic.

Bennish can be heard on the recording denouncing capitalism as "at odds with human rights," announcing his discovery of "eerie similarities" between President Bush's last State of the Union address and "things that Adolf Hitler used to say," sneering at Bush's "blind naive faith in democracy," and condemning civilization's last best hope, the USA, as "probably the single most violent nation on planet Earth."

Have a listen to the audio — the guy sure hates America, doesn't he? It's hardly comforting to imagine the poisons festering in this hysteric's skull getting force-fed to the next generation.

Although no disciplinary action has been taken against Bennish, he is on administrative leave "to take some of the pressure off of him" while the incident is investigated.

Hopefully Allen's recording tactic is part of a growing trend that will impose a degree of professionalism on the proselytizing leftists who thoroughly infest our educational system. The Bruin Alumni Association's UCLA offers free advice in reporting, documenting, and publicizing abusive professor behavior in past or current UCLA classes.

Their efforts and Allen's are greatly appreciated. Education is the future, and the future is far too precious to be left in the hands of some of our society's bitterest enemies.

Thank you V the K for the tip.