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March 12, 2006

How Moonbattery Nurtures Islamic Terrorism

Posted by Dave Blount at March 12, 2006 8:33 PM

A non-bloodthirsty Muslim named Rachid Salama found himself down and out in London. In a highly educational piece on Times Online, he relates how the liberal welfare state helps to make terrorist incubators out of European mosques like the one in which he found temporary sanctuary:

The mosque was huge, clean and warm. Apart from the heavies on the door glaring and flashing their Afghanistan scars, everybody was extremely friendly and welcoming.
Then I discovered how my brothers passed the day. Many were on benefits or living off charity so they could hang about discussing jihad all day. Whenever we were not praying, we were taken to watch TV. There were endless videos of mujaheddin activity around the globe.
Jihadist nasheeds (songs) were played in the background, with medieval-style voice harmonies and deeply stirring lyrics about how brave mujhads are suffering for Allah and dying in order to defend Muslim lands. They sometimes climaxed with a question — are you going to stand by and watch Muslim civilians killed? The atmosphere was intense. Any slight dissent was stamped on so quickly and aggressively that I realised that the best thing to do was nod and say "Inshallah" with the rest of my brothers.

Salama had found his way into London's Finsbury Park mosque, which was used until all too recently by an Islamic preacher named Abu Hamza al-Masri to convert disaffected losers into killing machines. For years MI5 had a spy keeping tabs on some of Hamza's exhortations to kill non-Muslims, which no one in the government chose to acknowledge until very recently, despite the fact that as far back as 1998 Hamza had been linked to terrorist activities that had gotten Britons killed.

As Times Online points out:

Islamic radicalism was quietly building just as political correctness over ethnic and religious minorities was marching ahead. The authorities were wary of offending Muslim sensibilities, even in the case of Hamza.

Hamza has finally been put in jail for inciting violence, but the conditions that produced him — Islamic extremism, political correctness, and a welfare system that makes work optional so that lowlifes have plenty of time on their hands — are as prevalent as ever.

How many more Hamzas are out there? How many potential recruits will choose not to walk away like Salama? Finding out may not be pleasant.

Hat tip: Byron

Abu Hamza: Yo ho ho and a bottle of anthrax.