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December 14, 2005

Chavez and His Useful Idiot Friends

A recent piece by Douglas MacKinnon in the Washington Times sheds some light on the accomplices who have assisted the anti-American dictator Hugo Chavez in his fuel oil propaganda project.

As you might have heard, Chavez has made cheap fuel oil available to the starving peasants of New York and Massachusetts, rather than use this resource to help his own people. Not even a Democrat could believe this was done because the Venezuelan strongman has a large heart. Now Chavez has placed a full page ad in various newspapers that include the New York Times and the Washington Post, ensuring that he gets maximum propaganda value for his fuel oil dollar.

The people at the Gray Lady and WaPo aren't the only idiots to prove useful in this project. Current and former Congressmen William Delahunt, Joseph Kennedy, and Jose Serrano have also participated. By some remarkable coincidence, all are Democrats.

As MacKinnon points out,

Messrs. Delahunt, Kennedy, Serrano and those involved in placing and running the ad need to ask themselves: Would they have done the same thing for the governments of Saddam Hussein, Pol Pot, Idi Amin or even Adolf Hitler? For Mr. Chavez shares much in common with these former dictators who killed and trampled human rights as a means to their own ends.

Where Saddam Hussein is concerned, the answer is probably yes — ads placed in major newspapers by Not In Our Name may as well have been written by the Butcher of Baghdad. Fortunately for the careers of the American politicians involved, the media has done a good job of keeping most of us in the dark as to why Chavez deserves to be mentioned along with the dictators listed above.

Hat tip: Byron

"What have those Yanquis planted in my ear?"

Posted by Van Helsing at December 14, 2005 06:36 AM


Regarding the recent FUBAR that occurred when the US flight of delegates was snubbed for hours at the Caracas airport; the Venezuelan foreign ministry's response was as such, "The Venezuelan foreign ministry said in a statement that the arrival was "delayed a few more minutes" because the airport's VIP terminal was reserved for the Spanish defense minister, who was in Caracas to sign a weapons deal that the U.S. opposes." [from Miami Herald]

Translation: "Yes, I'm sorry we overlapped your appointments, but we think buying arms from Spain to later fight you with is more important than negotiating all around, good relations. Please, be patient. Oh, and please ignore our obvious attempts to buy a favorable opinion from two of your strongest Democrat strongholds, NY and MA, by offering them cheap oil. We'd offer it to CA too if they weren't so warm there."

Posted by: Von Oyster at December 14, 2005 08:44 AM

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