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November 4, 2005

Multiculturalism Blossoms in France

Posted by Dave Blount at November 4, 2005 2:09 PM


It seems inviting millions of Muslims into the country, then paying them to not work so that they could fester away in ghettos for generations instead of making even the slightest attempt to assimilate may not have been such a good idea after all.

Riots in the Muslim slums surrounding Paris have been going on for more than a week now, and they are spreading, having reached at least 20 towns according to the Washington Times. Police and firefighters have been fired upon, people are getting hurt, and over 300 cars have been set ablaze. Businesses have also been burned, and yesterday traffic was halted on a commuter line linking Paris to Charles de Gaulle airport by stone-throwing rioters.

Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy, possibly the only grownup in the French government, has observed that the riots are not spontaneous, but rather well organized. Some believe that the riots were planned weeks ago.

France has Europe's largest Muslim population, an estimated 5 million. Needless to say, they are in some very serious trouble. Their usual policy of appeasement is working no better against Islam than it did against fascism.


This time Americans and British won't be able to bail them out by doing their fighting for them as we have done more than once in the past.

As has been pointed out earlier, whom the gods would destroy they first make moonbats. It's hardly surprising that France — the world's leading exporter of moonbattery — would make such an excellent case in point.

There is a reason you don't see many dodo birds these days — the same reason no one will be speaking French 100 years from now if that country does not wake up to the fact that whether or not they are at war with their enemies, their enemies are at war with them — and are perfectly willing to string them up by their own liberal ideology.


Hat tips: Wiggins, American Dinosaur