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November 20, 2005

Moonbat Hackers Destroy Tribute to Troops

If you think the antics of Democrats in Congress who want us to surrender to al-Qaeda are despicable, you should see what's been going on at the military blog A Female Soldier 2. Grey Eagle, a combat medic in the 101st Airborne Division serving in Iraq, has used the site to post tributes to American soldiers fighting to defend us from Islamic terrorism. The spoilt, useless little turds known as moonbats, whose freedoms some of these soldiers have been dying to preserve, responded by posting all manner of vile and disgusting insults as comments.

Now they have managed to disable the tributes. As Grey Eagle explains:

I started the website out as a simple blog on blogspot while I was training for my deployment. As it grew, it became a website, and I have had to learn html and how to install simple php programs on the fly, as I had no real experience previously. In regards to the tribute, there are three little programs called "cute news php" that comprise my website. One of them is in a folder titled "tribute" and that makes up the various tributes using categories to separate the Female soldiers from the 101st soldiers. It is in this program that when I type in the information and click "save changes" that no matter what I type, I get the message printed out on my website "you have been hacked....bush lied". It does not seem to have affected the previous tributes I had done, only anything new I try to add. Since I am a basic learner at best that is all I can tell you. There were a couple of guys from the 160th Special Op's IT group that were going to build a new website with something called post nuke content management system, but they have been tasked out to special training for an upcoming deployment and as such the project is sort of on hold. I do not know enough to continue the project without them.

It should be noted that Grey Eagle did not delete the obnoxious comments trolls posted to her site, on the principle that no matter how disrespectful and inappropriate their insults might be, freedom of speech is sacred. It was very likely these same trolls to whom she had provided a forum who have managed to shut down the tributes, robbing her of that same freedom of speech.

Respect for freedom is increasingly difficult to find on the left, which may explain why liberals can't seem to grasp what heroes like Grey Eagle and the soldiers she posted tributes to are fighting for.

Fortunately, Grey Eagle will soon be back with a new site. As a frontline witness to what is really going on in Iraq, she has a very important job to do:

Whether I am working out of the treatment facility, on a convoy, or providing medical response for the patrols I can tell you that what I see is so much different than what I saw on the news or read about before my deployment. I simply wanted others to see what I see and make up their minds based on that and not be influenced by what someone else reports to them, whether it is the left or the right. But for you as Americans to take the freedom that I am here defending and use it to make decisions and opinions for yourself based on truth and not on political spin.

Someone bold enough to stand up to al-Qaeda terrorists is not going to have her spirit broken by the sort of lowlife that vandalized her site. But that doesn't mean she couldn't use some encouragement, to counter the poison that has been spewed in her direction by the Cindy Sheehan set. Get yourself on record as siding with good against evil — stop by Grey Eagle's site and leave an encouraging comment.

With thanks to V the K.

Posted by Van Helsing at November 20, 2005 12:33 PM


You're a fucking genius!

Ha ha. Just kidding.

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