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October 9, 2005

Nobel Prize Awarded for Helping Terrorists Get Nukes

Posted by Dave Blount at October 9, 2005 1:14 PM

You might be surprised that Mohamed ElBaradei would be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his hapless efforts to halt the spread of nuclear weapons at a time when the terrorists running Iran are making leaps and bounds toward acquiring nukes. But it actually makes perfect sense if you keep in mind that this prize — which has been granted to Yasser Arafat and even Jimmy Carter — is awarded strictly on the basis of the malignant strain of moral and intellectual depravity known as moonbattery.

If you want to win a Nobel Peace Prize, you should start by poking America in the eye. That's certainly how Jimmy Carter got his. From yesterday's Wall Street Journal:

The award is likely to be seen in some quarters as an implicit rebuke of the Bush administration, which wrangled with Mr. ElBaradei over Iraq and Iran and for a time sought to deny him a third term as director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency.

You see, the USA has this nutty idea that terrorists should be prevented from having access to nuclear weapons, even if those terrorists have managed to take over a country, as in the case of Iran (with Jimmy Carter's help). Even some Europeans are unenlightened enough to want the mullahs to lay off with the nukes. Some have actually gone so far as to want Iran referred to the UN Security Council, which is almost as serious as being sent to the Principal's office. Not ElBaradei — he believes in the power of pure negotiation. If Iran laughs in your face and continues to build weapons with which to exterminate your population, the correct response is — more negotiations.

Obviously the elitist Euroweenies who award the Nobel Prize are counting on the Iranian nukes going off in places like New York City and Tel Aviv, London at the worst, as opposed to Brussels, Stockholm, Oslo, etc. As for the worldwide depression that will follow the inevitable mushroom clouds, you really can't expect liberals to think that far into the future when they aren't even capable of addressing the present.

Of course ElBaradei is not openly in favor of a nuclear Iran. For the record, he opposes it. But he opposes it in such a cartoonishly ineffectual way that no one could possibly expect him to succeed. The important thing for ElBaradei and the Nobel kooks is sanctimonious politically correct posturing. As for who ends up with nukes, who cares so long as America and Israel will probably be the first to get hit?

ElBaradei used a press conference last Friday to burnish his moonbat credentials, spewing the sort of jejune idiocy the mullahs are counting on from their fifth-column allies:

The prize recognizes the role of multilateralism in resolving all the challenges we are facing today. The prize will strengthen my resolve and that of my colleagues to continue to speak truth to power.

"Multilateralism" means jabbering endlessly with other useless bureaucrats instead of actually doing something. "Speaking truth to power" is moonbattese for sticking your tongue out at Uncle Sam. This rubbish is fine coming from a college professor or some guy with twigs in his hair wagging a placard at a Cindy Sheehan rally. But imagine thinking this fool is going to prevent Iran from going nuclear.

In other Nobel news, the Ig Nobel Prize for medicine has been awarded to Gregg Miller for inventing prosthetic testicles for neutered dogs (thanks to Wiggins for the link). Maybe if ElBaradei had a pair installed, he would have the balls to stand up to the terrorists running Iran. But of course, then they might take his prize away.

President Bush has come under some criticism lately, even from conservatives, and a lot of it has been deserved. But say what you will about W, he is the last man on earth who will ever be awarded a Nobel Peace Prize — which is reason enough to be glad he's our president.

Mohammed ElBaradei and friend.