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July 29, 2005

Moonbattery at Its Ugliest

If anyone thinks Helen Thomas represents moonbattery at its ugliest, here's a solemn reminder that it can get much uglier, with thanks to Wiggins for the link:

FAIRFIELD, Ohio (AP) - Vandals tore American flags out of the yard of a dead soldier's family the day after his funeral, then set a car on fire, authorities said.
Army Pfc. Tim Hines died July 14 of complications of injuries he suffered last month in a roadside bombing in Baghdad. His funeral was Friday.
On Saturday, someone pulled the flags out of the family's yard, stuffed them under a car in the driveway and set the whole thing on fire. Firefighters doused the blaze and no one was injured, but the car was destroyed.
No arrests had been made by early Tuesday. Authorities offered a $5,000 reward for tips.
Neighbors bought the family new flags. "I went by later that morning, Saturday morning, and there must have been 200 flags that had been brought in and reposted," Police Chief Mike Dickey said.
The car belonged to the sister-in-law of Hines.

RIP Pfc. Hines.


Posted by Van Helsing at July 29, 2005 06:42 AM


Are you sure that crackpot Lt. Governor from Pa. didn't sneak over the border into Ohio to ask for this family's support. If not her, certainly people of her ilk would dare to do something as sub-human as this.

Posted by: Eneils Bailey at July 29, 2005 08:52 PM

I know this is old news, but the flags were piled under the car and set fire by a couple of stupid kids who didn't know about soldier. Not anti-miltary moonbats, just plain mean and stupid.

Posted by: Bill at August 3, 2005 09:51 AM