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February 09, 2005

Nobel Peace Prize for Budding Young Dictator?

According to one of the far-left moonbats whose ravings are published by, "there are moves afoot to propose" Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chavez as a leading candidate for the 2005 Nobel Peace Prize.

Democracy in Venezuela is on its deathbed thanks to Chavez, who has been steadily strangling liberty in that country like a python patiently constricting its prey. Here again is an excellent piece illustrating what life is like under his regime. In an attempt to discredit the many people who want him removed before he is as thoroughly entrenched as his mentor Fidel Castro, Chavez allowed a recall election, but apparently rigged the results. These results were blessed by the same contemptible fool Jimmy Carter whose Carter Center was distinctly cool on the triumphant (and unrigged) elections in Iraq.

Carter himself was granted a Nobel Peace Prize as a reward for his seditious attempts to undermine President Bush's foreign policy. Other Nobel Peace Prize winners include the terrorist Yasser Arafat, who was recently washed off to hell in a river of the innocent blood he caused to be spilled. So the prize going to Chavez certainly can't be ruled out.

Posted by Van Helsing at February 9, 2005 09:41 AM


Are we truly surprised? Sickened, yes... perhaps even saddened, as if we should be nostalgic for some presumed justice or even logic in these meaningless prizes. The Nobel Peace Prize is simply a politically motivated punchline from the World Left Elite, and Arafat's award cemented that notion (no 20/20 hindsight needed there). The more we, the reasonable thinkers out here, take it seriously, the more They win.

So let's not work ourselves up when W doesn't make a short list in our lifetimes. Annan the Impotent, however, has an inside track for sure.

Posted by: The MaryHunter at February 9, 2005 10:39 AM