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January 27, 2005

I Have a Scream

Some may see Howard Dean's cheerful prospects for succeeding Terry "Slime Weasel" McAuliffe as Chairman of the Democratic National Committee as a gauge of the declining mental health of the Democratic Party. Others might suspect an exceptionally diabolical plot secretly engineered by Karl Rove to steer the party off the edge of a cliff and into an abyss of lunatic-fringe moonbattery. In either case, it seems the man with a scream is picking up steam.

AP reported Tuesday that Dean has won the support of Yvonne Atkinson Gates, chair of the DNC's black caucus, and Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. of Illinois., which represents the wacko Hollywood wing of the party and offers links to some very deep pockets, has announced plans to get involved in the race for DNC chair, although this could galvanize opposition from any moderates that might be left in the party.

A contingent calling itself The Backbone Campaign (hat tip to LindaSoG at Something... and Half of Something) spent last Friday parading around Washington with a 70'-long spine puppet, symbolizing the fact that rather than wishing a mind for their party, they want a spine. Dean, it seems, is the man to provide it. The group threatens to continue making fools of themselves in public until their list of demands are met. The first item on that list is that Howard Dean must be elected Chairman of the DNC.

The loony-left PAC Mainstreet Moms (they call themselves The MMOB; an individual member is a MMOBster) is taking time out from obsessing on how the 2004 election was stolen from them in Ohio to throw everything they have into getting Dean into the DNC driver's seat. As they point out on a webpage devoted to recruiting foot soldiers for their letter-writing campaign (which is apparently being steered by "The Governor" himself), "This is a fight for control of a budget that could exceed a half a billion dollars by the end of the 2006 cycle."

No word yet on when Dean will formally receive the endorsement of the National Alliance of Unmedicated Hebephrenics.


Would you want to be the one to tell this man he can't have what he wants?

Posted by Van Helsing at January 27, 2005 7:14 AM