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January 24, 2005

Another Heroine for the Moonbat Pantheon

Following in the footsteps of Andrea Yates, who was besainted by Katie Couric and friends after murdering her own five children, Mine Ener has been honored by the dedication of a memorial student lounge in her name at Villanova University, the Roman Catholic college where she used to teach at the Center for Arab and Islamic Studies, before she committed suicide a few weeks after slitting the throat of her six-month-old daughter, who suffered from Down syndrome.

Posted by Van Helsing at January 24, 2005 7:32 AM


So sad, so very dad. Most worrisome is that this is transpiring at a RC university, a place where you'd assume that life is treasured above all. Of course, this is Academe, under the guise of 'compassion', and even 'academic freedom'...

Two mortal sins here, however: 1) infanticide; and 2) suicide. I can't comment negatively on the latter (having sincere compassion for suicide victims--who are we to judge?), but the former?

The most ridiculous part: conservatives on campus (a minority, no doubt) are being offended, nevertheless it's OK and PC to press on with the memorial. (I won't even touch the Arab and Islamic Studies angle.)

Scratching head,

The MaryHunter

Posted by: The MaryHunter at January 24, 2005 2:57 PM

I have read articles pertaining to the planned memorial to this insane woman. I keep asking myself, how can a group of supposedly intelligent people see fit to honor her. The faulty and students should have pity for the poor baby and consider its mother "a stony adversary, a inhuman wretch". Enough said about her, with the memtion of one more thing; this slitting the throats must be an Islamm thing.
As for the faulty, staff and students at Villanova. get back in the trees, the bananas are almost ripe.

Posted by: Eneils Bailey at January 24, 2005 4:55 PM